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Artist. Creative. Entrepreneur.



Growing up in her hometown of Richmond,

Virginia, Alexis Nicole may have started her

career in the same vein as most but she won’t end up like most. In late 2010, in the true fashion of a shrewd businesswoman, Alexis took time off to build her brand and to launch her entertainment company, Noizemakers Worldwide. It was a

smart move. Vastly becoming a power player,

the brilliant singer/songwriter has made an

impact on not only new talent, but on respected

industry insiders such as critically-acclaimed

singer/songwriter Truth Hurts. “I’ve never seen

someone so young, so motivated, multitalented

and just really ready to take the game by storm.”

Demanding respect as a female artist, Alexis’s

talent is duly noted by music industry veterans.

Early 2016, Alexis received her Masters in

Entertainment Business from Full Sail University.

As Alexis began to further develop her talents

and explore her gifts, the young visionary began

working on her first scripted drama series in

2015. As the creator and executive producer,

of Highland Park, Alexis has begun to create a

platform not only for her own benefit, but to

help create licensing opportunities for other

independent creatives.




Alexis Nicole ™

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