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Building a successful brand: STEP 1 - MAKE IT CLEAR

Today I want to talk about BRANDING! Since this is such a HUGE topic, I'm going to focus on a few points at a time. Artists / creatives, we have to do better about centralizing the focus and the content that you release.

Let's start with a few questions:

  • What does your brand represent?

  • Who is your audience? (How old? Where are they located?)

  • What do they want to more of? 

  • What do they hate?

  • Where do they listen / buy music? 

First, we must understand that a BRAND is not your just sound, your look, or you last great picture. Your brand is your story, told in a manner in which your fans can both relate and follow along. When I ask what does your brand represent, your answer should be your story. In telling your story your fans should be able to gather the values your brand promotes without the words being said. It should be clear!

If your brand is a clothing apparel store, as a consumer, when I search through your social media platforms I want to see more than the designs, the fabric, the color options. I want to know WHY I should choose your brand over the thousands of others on the market. What story is being told to draw me into your shop.

Today's Takeaway: What's the story BEHIND THE BRAND! Tell your consumers WHO you are and WHY they should choose your product.

Next Week: Who's your audience?