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Building a successful brand: step 2- Who's your Audience?

Hello My Loves! We're back this week to continue the discussion about how to build a successful brand.

Here's the big question, Who is your audience? Often times as artist and creatives we skip this identifying step. Trust me, there's nothing harder than trying to sell a product to the wrong group of people OR even to the right group using the wrong tactics. Now here's the plot twist... In order to identify your target audience, you must first identify YOU!

What is your music really trying to convey? "If you expect to sell your music, you must first understand your music." - Derek Kortepeter 

One way to uncover and tap into your audience is to identify artists who sound like you or vice versa. Using the proper tags on your music platforms will help you to tap into new music scenes, and examine the level of interest from new listeners that are now being exposed to your music.

Once you've started to introduce yourself to new fans, now it's time to gather some information about them. First, collect some basic facts about your fans, like:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Location

This kind of information doesn’t tell you that much about your fans yet. BUT it might turn out to be useful, so you should be aware of it - write it down!

Next, think of your fans’ interests:

  • What other bands do they like?

  • What’s their favorite magazine?

  • What type of movies do they like?

  • Do they watch sports?

  • Where do they buy clothes?

  • Do they have tattoos?

  • Do they love to go out, drink and party?

When you think about your fans’ interests, make sure to think OUTSIDE of music:

Non-music interests are a great way to target and reach your audience. They’re also a powerful way to connect and build a relationship with your fans (think: fashion, design, humor, sports).

Once you know WHO your fans are, you can target market more effectively than ever. Take a moment to research some tools that will assist in your data collection: Sprout Social gives a great list of some Social Analytics Tools for you to try!

Until next week my loves.... BE GREAT!