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Good Morning My Loves! Its #MotivationMonday! I hope everyone has an amazing week ahead. I came across a quote over the weekend that really spoke to me that I wanted to share with you all.

Our imaginations are so vivid, so captivation that sometimes we lose the ability to separate a vision from a fairytale. Somewhere along the way we fixate on exactly how we think life's journey will look. And when the script doesn't play out the way we saw it in our head, it can feel like failure.

Think of it this way, the universe has a much bigger plan, a more spectacular ending, trust the process. YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL of all things, only one - YOURSELF! Dream, Work, Grind, Pray, but don't limit yourself within a box that you created and then name it failure. It's dangerous and detrimental to the growth of you and your vision.

Be Blessed & Be GREAT!!!