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Good Morning my loves and Happy MONDAY!

Studies have shown that stress has a NEGATIVE effect on the brain and the body. So my question today is.... Why stress? This week I dare you to implement a new way of handling life when it becomes overwhelming.

Heres a list of alternatives:

Breathe! - Stop, Take a deep breathe, Exhale. Let the negative energy out of you and allow your body to relax for a moment.

Pray / Meditate - I'm not here to force religion on anyone, but a cloudy mind is a catalyst for chaos. Learn to be still and listen to what the universe is telling you. It's ok to admit that you don't know all the answers.

Be Solution Based - A problem only exists until it is solved. Instead of wallowing in the "I Can't Believe this is happening" or the "What am I going to do now" phase, start thinking. Trust me, if you focus your energy into finding a way to fix the issue, by the time it's resolved you'll forget that you never got a chance to react.

And always remember.... Stress doesn't wear well. Choose another accessory to match that killer style this week! ;)